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Check out our list of 2019 games to try them out!

If you’re one of those who always goes to check out game releases for later and get lost with the amount of news, this blog is for you!

After all, who’s never done that, right? The game market continues to bring endless news to users, especially in September when the games that are advertised at the major trade shows in the segment are released.

Whether on mobile phone, console or PC, it is always worth trying out the new games of the moment individually or in a team. That is why Blog Z has selected the twelve game releases to try out. Just tell us what you think of each one later, okay?

For consoles and PCs


This game generated a lot of expectations, especially after the AND THE have confirmed the return of FIFA Street. The urban charm of the street game is presented in makeshift arenas in which the famous “Frill “
is gaining in importance.

The game has been consecrated as the best of all time in the franchise and has a style very similar to what was previously created, but the gameplay makes all the difference. The game gets fairer with the decrease in artificial intelligence in marking, which makes the Skill gap (Skill Difference) between the players.

What we also emphasize in this new version is the diligence in defense, as any failed attempt to disarm can be punished. In addition, if the intervention is wrong, you can be in default.

Certainly FIFA 20 has a higher level of difficulty compared to others. And this has been confirmed even with some professional players who have difficulty getting used to it. However, the game has received a lot of praise.

NBA 2K20

The game continues to feature the very best in basketball game graphics. That is why it repeatedly breaks through the limits in terms of quality, its innovative game modes and the control and individualization of the player surprise more and more.

In this new version, the movement of the players will have more skills. The athlete not only has a more adequate positioning, but also transfers more stability to their feet, making the sprints more accurate.

In addition, ball handling and faster solutions, for example in attack and defense, are among the main changes. As for ball control, players will experience more realistic situations that arise on the pitch.

Therefore, NBA 2K 20 goes beyond simulating basketball games. From turntable mechanics to custom dribbling, the goal of NBA 2K 20 is to bring real court reality into the virtual. Therefore, the new version redefines the possibilities within the game again and again. Ö area (Neighborhood, * in the game) enables interaction between sports enthusiasts on the platform, so that the game lives more in basketball culture.

Borderland 3

The game is a First person shooter role-playing game (First person shooter – game of gun combat in which the scene is viewed from the player’s point of view). The game continues the story of the previous version Borderlands 2 – from 2012.

With the promise of bringing lots of adrenaline to a post-apocalyptic world, the electronic RPG game from Transmission software and published by 2K games, was released in September 2019 with tons of new weapons and a plot of destruction!

In this version, each playable character has three special skills called Action skillsthat can be activated during combat. With the exception of the Zane character, each character can only have one active skill at a time, but in combat it can be found in the menu of. to be changed Skills. Unlike previous games which only allowed a single active ability at the time of combat. Additionally Action skills can be improved by each level progression.

Course 5

As one of Microsoft’s most classic sagas is the game – that no longer exists From war – is one of their largest franchises. It is made up of five chapters and currently has a broad storyline that could go beyond video games.

In this version, the character looks for answers that explain his origins * and those of his family. The storyline brings with it various types of arsenals in its fully detailed setting, plus players can expect a lot of monsters.

The game creates new directions in the story, revives situations that previously went unnoticed, creates countless twists that are already a trademark of the franchise.

For those who follow previous versions of the saga, you will see many clues about the past. Hence, the game will be a lot more fun for that audience than for those who are already starting the games in Gears 5.

Playing in this new franchise brings some gameplay improvements. In addition to more realistic movements, hand-to-hand combat has also been updated. Actions like “use a knife in battle” and new ways to stun opponents can be found at least in the online modes.

Online maps will also have melee weapons. Even a spiked bat is on this list and has the ability to take out an opponent with just one blow.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening – Remake

First the game was released to Game Boy 1993. After five years a new version for the Gameboy color. Now in 2019, completely renovated, it returns with a more modern face for gamers. Nintendo switch.

This classic now has revised high-definition graphics, new challenges and features. It also has exclusive items and new secret codes. However, anyone who thinks the items are cheap is wrong. It is necessary to accumulate Rupees of course, and it’s best to play them Rapids Raid speak directly to the owner Raft shop on your counter.

The difference in this new version lies in the pristine simplicity of the original. With the remake, Nintendo is not only focusing on gameplay improvements, but also on adding new features.

The story of the game is straightforward and already wrecks Link on the island Koholite without their equipment. Your goal is to find the eight magical musical instruments that you can escape. During the game it will explore Dungeon and also the entire island scene. You will also have to face some classic enemies.

Final Fantasy VII – Remake

One of the most influential games of the first generation of Playstation, Final Fantasy VII – Remake, since its release has been causing a lot of excitement among gamers who love this franchise.

The 1997 remake has a more extensive storyline than its original version. Of course it is Square Enix tries to mix elements from Final Fantasy XIII and also Final Fantasy XV. After all, the first game’s fights followed a “random encounter” pattern, with on-screen intervention crippling navigation while the fight was taking place. After winning, the player continued on his way. Enemies are now visible on the map and you can dodge them to speed up the game.

Many abilities are retained in this remake version. For example, the triple attack from cloud and the focused shot of Barret. However, these actions must be activated via the menu. This form is very similar to the original, but has the advantage of pausing the fight for the choice of actions, which helps reduce the death of the character.

Speaking of the character, the party can still be controlled by the player. However, with real-time movements, the CPU takes over if you are not responsible for one of them. Hence, it is important to always be aware of what is happening to everyone in the game.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

THE capcom starts with this game the expansion of the award-winning game of monster hunting. It was initially available for consoles but is slated to arrive on PC in January 2020.

The game brings a new story with lots of new monster creatures. However, other monsters from previous games will return to scare everyone.

Iceborne is first and foremost a game aimed at more experienced players. It requires a base game to be completed and does not begin activities until the base trip is complete. In other words, in order to play in Iceborne, the player must have the main campaign from. to lock Monster Hunter world with the character who developed correctly to hunter rank 16.

One big difference that we highlight in this game is the level of difficulty. There were a lot of complaints about this issue in the previous game, Iceborne even level up in battles with simpler monsters.

The wave 2

The game arrives as one of the best of 2019. It’s the newest game from Deck 13, and brings a futuristic environment full of enemies with a high level of difficulty.

Its development appeals to all players and has an innovative style of action Souls, going in the opposite direction as is common in the marketplace when using the future as an environment. In other words, instead of using dungeons and dragons in the plot, we find robots, human-machines and others.

Now the player can create their custom character so that they are not limited to a predefined look. This technique was adopted from games Souls and as a result, we can find a lot of very strange characters.

The fights are faster and vary depending on the equipment the player is handling. The cameras were further away from the battle, which gives an overview of what was happening. In addition, weapons have more and more unique functions and when …

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