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CREATIVE WEEK: Everything you need to know!

Knowing the entertainment market is important for successful. In addition to taking courses in the area, understanding how to start your career and what mistakes to avoid in order to get there guarantees much better results.

For this reason the Creative Week was launched. There are six days of complete immersion in the market. Guest speakers tell a little about their professional experience and pass on what they have learned to the participating students.

Would you like to know why you shouldn’t miss this entertainment and arts event? Come and find out more about Creative Week and find out!

Suggestion of the creative week

This service is aimed at the art, creativity and entertainment market. For this reason, all speakers with relevance are selected so that they can impart essential knowledge to the students.

During the lecture days, the event will deal with several topics. Games, 3D, TV and cinema, internet, branding and visual communication are just a few of the recurring themes. In other words, attendees will have an opportunity to understand the essence of the industry and stay up to date on the most important news.

share experience

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Creative Week is a space for speakers to share their experiences in the market. It’s not just about presenting trends and news, it’s about speaking the practical part of the performance.

In the lectures, talented artists and entertainers receive valuable tips for positioning and professional success. In addition, speakers report errors, difficulties and negative experiences. All of this is a way of learning to increase the chances of success for those who occupy the seats in the auditorium.

Understanding how this in-demand professional rose to the level it is today is a source of inspiration for anyone interested in being successful, isn’t it? In addition, recognizing your mistakes and negative situations is one way to avoid such obstacles. So the experience of this creative week goes far beyond just picking up concepts and has to do with learning about practical performance in the market.

The importance of networks

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Students in training not only learn how the arts and entertainment industries work, they also have the opportunity to make contact with specific people and outstanding professionals. Creative Week offers something essential: the opportunity to network with great professionals in the industry.

With a good network of contacts, doors open more easily after training. In other words, talent can be given opportunities and hints to operate in the market.

Creative Week is essential for talent in the arts and entertainment industries. With the experience of much sought-after professionals, important knowledge can be brought in and of course well networked!

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Ollie Henson

Ollie Henson is an American writer at the Institut Cartogràfic de la Revolta website. Ollie shares the hobby of playing and following all of the video games and gaming news as well as dedicated and fully educated to be an outstanding writer.

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