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Discover the games that are already in the Halloween mood!

You already know that October 31st is considered Halloween. The tradition is very common in the United States but popular around the world. One of the ways to celebrate Halloween is through the different games available, great for all tastes and styles.

Many games take advantage of the benefits October to get out of the routine of their environment. After all, this is your best opportunity to explore a spooky and tense universe filled with witches, ghosts and zombies.

Some of them are already in the mood and promise to be even more fun. Would you like to get to know the games that already have a Halloween feel? So take a look at what the main alternatives are!

Halloween specials

Fortnite is one of the biggest gaming phenomena in recent times. Depending on the time of year, it can adapt to different celebrations – and Halloween is no different. The sixth season was named “Dark Resurrection” and has a dark atmosphere, full of fun and a little different from what has already been seen.

Like in other years, Subway Surfers has also released their version. For 2018 the destination is New Orleans, where you can explore the creepy trails and special costumes. The spirited Minion Rush is another date-focused mission, while the Hungry Shark features a memorial shark.

Halloween themed games

Horror Escape Room Scare Games Games Halloween

For those who want to stay in the Halloween mood all year round, there are games that have a hook on the main themes of the celebration. From horror games to funny characters, there are plenty of great ways to keep yourself entertained.

Horror Escape is an alternative in which the player has to escape from an asylum. Terrifying looking, it all has to do with the last day of October. Still on the horror theme, Agony is a great choice. As of Halloween 2018, players will have an uncensored version. Other alternatives are SOMA and Layers of Fear, which promise horror, missions and a dark mood.

If you want something less heavy, Zombie Tsunami brings cute and fun zombies. Meanwhile, Bubble Witch Saga is addicting and very easy to do without running away from the subject.

Promotions to celebrate the date

laser league, laser, league, fear, games, games, halloween

To celebrate this famous day, many companies and developers are offering promotions, discounts, and free offers. This is a way to attract more players and make a limited time offer.

For PS Plus subscribers, Friday, 13th and Laser League titles will be available on PlayStation 4. So you can enjoy the time with great intensity and enjoy the games.

Halloween-themed games are ideal for distracting, scaring and falling out of space. Whether the version is on the smartphone on the computer or on the console, the important thing is to use the date for fun!

Do you want to get ready to create your own alternative for next Halloween? Discover our Z Games training and make sure you have the right knowledge!

Ollie Henson

Ollie Henson is an American writer at the Institut Cartogràfic de la Revolta website. Ollie shares the hobby of playing and following all of the video games and gaming news as well as dedicated and fully educated to be an outstanding writer.

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