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Discover the world of technical possibilities with your child!

We are sure you wish your child the best! Surely you go to great lengths to give him everything he wants, right? Technology is one of the main attractions this new generation longs for.

Do you really know what his interests are, whether you are studying or doing your free time? Have you spoken enough to see your callings?

Your child’s success is directly related to the encouragement you give them. So it is very important to understand everything that is going on in this new world!

your child’s future

“My son has to be a doctor, engineer, lawyer …” These are thoughts from the past!

The up-and-coming new generation of skilled workers will work in professions that have never existed on the market. They are multitasking youngsters who use technology around the clock and live in a networked way. They dedicate their time and personal thoughts to the virtual world.

This young man is your son!

He’s the one who wakes up with his phone in hand and loves to play online games where his entire gang is present to play the most epic battles of the moment! He’s the one who solves the ‘bugs’ your cell phone has from time to time …

This gives the photo that neatness with just a few applications on the mobile phone … This moves in computer programs that you have never dared to know! These little details can unleash your child’s great potential for a bright future!

In the past, every young person who sat in front of the computer for hours would always hear: “He does nothing all day. It just stays in this internet business. ”The reality is that past generations have never welcomed the computer age.

But what appeared to be bad is actually a great, wonderful transformation of the world. And your child is there! As the Terra website mentions in one of their articles: “The members of Generation Z, despite their novelty, already show a lot of potential in all areas of life. They are highly connected to technology and are therefore used to the dynamics of transformations. “

Generation Z emerged with the first steps of the Internet. And with all this practicality in your favor, why not invest in such a tech profession? What you might enjoy playing on your phone or computer is a world of possibilities for your child!

Professions of the future

The design field (graphics, web and 3D) is currently one of the highest paying professions in the world. With the ability to create exclusive illustrations, both printed and digital, the professional has the opportunity to make a big impact with his art!

Did you also know that this area of Game design is it one of the most valued future careers on the market? Among the fastest growing sectors, the games industry has tripled its sales in the past decade, according to the Impacta website.

Young people today live in a completely different time than previous generations! Your child may have different dreams than yours as a career goal … And that’s fine! You will be there to support him! Chances have changed and you will teach him how to dream without being afraid to achieve something … and what is new and different for you just becomes something extraordinary!

Training for new professions

We have seen that new professions will emerge, just as others will undergo major adjustments or even disappear. The market for new technologies is also renewed. And your child must be able to achieve their goals!

What do you think of quality, fun education that enables your child to work with what they love and earn a salary that gives them security and financial stability?

The future professional needs to know how to use their technological tools well, and with a school equipped with the best of technology, ZION innovates in both education and infrastructure, networking and why not, fun!

With an innovative design and never seen on the market, ZION – Escola de Lazer has the best courses in graphic design and game development in its educational grid. It doesn’t stop there! The entire teaching concept has been strategically developed to allow future designers and players a holistic immersion in the technological universe so that they can absorb all of the learning acquired in the classroom as well as possible. But how? Through events for the sector, at which every young person can not only be directed to the job market, but also have contact with the best specialists in the industry.

The generation that dreams

The new professions of the future bring the glamor of the new generations and the enthusiasm to work for what you dream of! Giving your child this incentive and investing in their skills is a fundamental role in growing up happy and believing that it is possible to pursue their goals. So what can be a hobby for you is a chance for him to show his purpose in the world and to be a great professional.

You can rely on ZION to turn this passion into a profession and to elevate your child’s knowledge to the extraordinary! Discover our formations and discover the world of possibilities that technology offers!

Ollie Henson

Ollie Henson is an American writer at the Institut Cartogràfic de la Revolta website. Ollie shares the hobby of playing and following all of the video games and gaming news as well as dedicated and fully educated to be an outstanding writer.

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