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Discover Z Talent: the talent factory for the entertainment market!

After you’ve taken great entertainment courses and feels like you know your way, it’s time to put it all into practice. However, getting into the job market may not be that easy.

Many professionals find it difficult to find a job – and not just in the entertainment industry. In general, inexperience and a lack of contact are the big villains. With this in mind, ZION Z makes talent.

The event is in its fourth edition and is a true incubator for talent. With exclusive features, it’s the chance you’ve been waiting for to stand out from the crowd. Would you like to better understand how it works? See everything about Z Talent and learn more!

The opportunity to introduce yourself to the job market

During this event, the participating students can exhibit their best productions. The creations are presented to professionals and experts in the field, with a jury that understands everything about the entertainment universe.

The talents who deliver the best work win ZION awards and of course stand out from the rest.

The award is made by the participating companies. The best part is that it all depends on the student, their dedication and ability to present what professionals in the field are looking for!

The best guidelines for a job opportunity

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As a talent incubator, Z Talent plays a fundamental role. The event is an opportunity for future professionals to prepare for the job market and to know how to behave.

With the help of our experts, the students are accompanied from the first task to the creation of a complete portfolio. When it is time to attend this talent show room, it is possible to be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities.

Even if there is no immediate hiring, this is a chance to develop and plan new challenges. In other words, the event is not a job fair, but an area of ​​market recognition and an introduction to various possibilities.

In the midst of all this, skilled workers who meet certain requirements also gain a new position in companies in all industries. There are companies in the creative field, such as advertising agencies and game companies, as well as companies looking for someone to bring the right pieces with them.

Strengthening the networking of talents

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One of the biggest advantages of joining Z Talent is the ability to network exclusively. Because where else can you get in touch with some of the greatest entertainment professionals? In between presentations, you can discuss, exchange contacts and even experience with talents from large companies.

Having a network of people who understand the subject is like having multiple keys. With them it is possible to open doors on the job market, to receive recommendations and to make them even better!

It’s also a way to put together groups, integrate with other professionals, and ultimately realize what the contractors are looking for in their talents.

Events for the job market are indispensable, especially for beginners in the entertainment industry. Initiatives like Z Talent encourage students to be more engaged and fulfill ZION by seeing dreams come true.

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