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Educational games: discover this innovative market!

Educational games known as “Serious Games” (or serious games) has achieved significant growth in the entertainment market every year.

Due to this increase in the educational games segment, there was an intensive search for specialists who had been trained in this area. After all, the sector, which passed the R $ 2.3 billion mark in 2017, needs to keep improving to reach audiences not only on PCs but also on mobile platforms.

Working with games takes a lot of dedication, but it also means immersing yourself in a world of fun. Therefore, when we combine entertainment with learning, teaching becomes easier and more understandable.

So if it’s in your child’s best interest, get one Gamer designer of educational games but still doesn’t know where to start, don’t worry! We have prepared exclusive content for you to stay at the forefront in this market segment.

So check out everything you need to know below to dive headfirst into a bright future career in educational games!

what are serious games

Other than the name, educational games are nothing serious. This category is so named because its main goal is to impart knowledge to the user.

They are even fun, because that is exactly what makes him different – teaching in a “playful” way. Educational games are offered by a. developed Game designer, they have interactive elements for learning and help with communication. In addition, they help, among other things, with the inclusion of concepts, improve decision-making, contribute to the development of strategies.

In every field of education there is the possibility of using digital games as an instrument to accompany lessons. Whether to carry out exercises or as a supplement to learning and fixing the didactic content, serious games enable the student to test his understanding and also to immediately grasp the points to be improved in the course of study by means of performance assessments in games.

an area under development

The market for educational games is growing and there are already schools and universities using this technology in the classroom. There is therefore a great need for skilled workers who concentrate on this area.

As of 2019, the gaming industry will see profitable growth of over 9.6% per year, and that includes educational games in particular.

With the exception of $ 152.1 billion in profits this year, which revolutionized the gaming industry, this market is experiencing a period of intense expansion. There is no doubt that investments in this segment have been very profitable.

Educational games are made available on mobile platforms and computers, making them more accessible to the public from anywhere. So it is even possible for them Game designer work creatively for a variety of technology formats.

Freelancer or teamwork: the choice is yours!

The market for educational games is extremely large. Therefore, in order to be able to react to this, a lot of specific knowledge is required in order to achieve an expected result.

act as freelance game designer, develop their own educational game or work as a team in a company on site, the professional who invests in the development of educational games can open professional doors everywhere due to the degree of complexity of the entire production.

In fact, many designers working exclusively with this segment work with educators, teachers, and communicators, among others, to make the methodology used in the game more assertive.

Usually a Game designer In developing games that are primarily educational, they end up playing more than one activity that can be:

  • Game designer (creates the rules and ideas for the game);
  • Programmer (converts ideas into code);
  • Illustrator / graphic artist (takes care of the visual part);
  • Music producer (develops the soundtrack);
  • Producer (manages teams, deadlines and budget);
  • Tester (evaluates the gameplay and looks for bugs);
  • Copywriter (fixes bugs in the story and writes promotional materials);
  • Translator (adapts foreign language games).

Where to play educational games

Educational games, like games in general, are part of a very thriving industry and the professional who wants to pursue this career will succeed due to the wide variety of game styles that exist and the constant search for qualified people for the position.

In addition, companies that are already listed as Gamer studios invest massively in education. Schools and universities are also following this idea and are already producing their materials and educational content with the help of educational games.

In other words, a designer who focuses on educational games can do the following:

  • in game development studios;
  • in advertising agency projects;
  • self-employed, as a freelancer;
  • in schools or universities that implement games in their educational activities.

Turn your passion into a job!

Working people who choose to pursue a career in Game designer in the field of educational games, in the most difficult class in school, they often asked themselves whether a game would make the subject easier to understand.

Or they have even planned the entire methodology in an exclusive game, but all that remains is to put into practice everything that you have idealized.

Certainly it is people who have seen unique potential in this segment to improve teaching and influence students through a more dynamic way of learning.

After you and your child discover the educational games market, you must actually have realized how extraordinary it is to work in this industry!

So if your child is part of this creative gaming crowd, ZION is the place for them! To be able to do this, it is necessary to learn and update a lot in order to always be able to do that software from creation.

our training ZGames offers complete and updated content, so students will qualify in theoretical and practical concepts using the most modern tools in the entertainment market.

With dynamic and playful learning he will be able to Game designer. And as a result, you will learn to develop and market Games Education and action. In addition, you have the full domain of simulators, company training and virtual reality.

Then take a look at our training ZGames here and qualify your child for the fastest growing market in the world!

Ollie Henson

Ollie Henson is an American writer at the Institut Cartogràfic de la Revolta website. Ollie shares the hobby of playing and following all of the video games and gaming news as well as dedicated and fully educated to be an outstanding writer.

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