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FIFA 19 follows the success of Fortnite and launches Battle Royale mode. Learn more!

If you’re a gaming fanatic, you already know FIFA 19 made some noise. As one of the most anticipated releases of each year, the soccer game announced that it would include a game mode similar to that of Battle Royale.

This approach, which is featured in other titles like PUBG and Freefire, has become popular. In fact, the style of FIFA 19 will be similar to that of Fortnite, one of the biggest highlights of 2018.

Would you like to better understand what’s coming next? Discover how FIFA 19 promises to make Battle Royale a reality and get ready to place a bid!

Battle Royale … What?

You may not know this term. But if you like games, you’ve probably played a game of battle royale by now. In this Game mode, the main goal is to be the last player in the game. For this it is necessary to seek resources, develop strategies and, of course, eliminate enemies.

Fortnite is a great specialist in inter-player battles. By selecting this option, the winners will receive more experience, coins, and other rewards.

How will that work in FIFA 19?

Although the new game mode of FIFA 19 Battle Royale is very similar, it doesn’t mean that players die on the field or that football is left out – quite the opposite! In the novelty, the idea has to do with the goals scored.

The release will be known as Survival Mode. According to Samuel Rivera, producer at EA Sports, this model predicts teams will start with 11 players on each side, as it already does.

It is goal time for things to change. Once the first goal has been scored, the team in front of the scoreboard must eliminate a player. This opens up more scope for ball work and generates new ways of playing.

Everything stays that way until the match turns into a 1-on-1 game – in the best style. one to one! In the end, whoever has no one else on the field wins. Ultimately, this means that the person has scored the most goals (and removed their last outfield).

What does this mode promise?

The gaming world must always be prepared for change. Player behavior is changing. If everything stayed the same, the disinterest of fans of this particular game would soon show. Those who do the Z Games training understand this relevance well and this is why it is so important to be very attentive to new developments.

In order not to lose a market with FIFA 19, the folks at EA Games thought exactly of this suggestion. The new game mode picks up on the success of Fortnite and even rocks the sports game scene.

Survival mode allows players to participate in balanced games and have other challenges ahead of them. So the release brings new possibilities and makes the game even more fun!

However, if you really enjoy playing a classic game, the traditional order is still available whenever you want to enjoy it. This great news will just be an additional way to keep you entertained with the game for longer.

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