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For those who like technology events, the exhibition FILE ANIMA+GAMES RIO 2015: The Van Goghs will go starts today and runs until the 29th at the Oi Futuro Flamengo. The exhibition includes an immersive experience through virtual reality, cross-platform games, animations from different countries and award-winning artists at FILE ANIME+AWARD and other festivals.

The great novelty of this exhibition is the playful and artistic content through devices that allow total immersion in virtual reality. These are experiences that are directly linked to our bodily perceptions, capable of transporting us to fantastical environments and arousing awe-inspiring sensations. In “The night cafe‘ by artist Mac Cauley, for example, visitors can explore the world of Van Gogh’s paintings, enjoy his iconic three-dimensional sunflowers, or walk around the chair he painted in his room. Already in “swing“, the artists Christin Marczinzik & Thi Binh Minh Nguyen, the dream of flying becomes reality with a swing and 3D glasses. Still among the facilities, in “how does that move“ by Felix Herbst, visitors can control virtual animals through their gestures in the physical world.


Among the computer games, the highlight is “shadow puppeteer“, from Sarepta Studio, which tells the story of a boy and his shadow who, after breaking up, must learn to work together and deal with darkness and light. “FRAMEWORK“, are Loveshack Entertainmentis a noir puzzle game for tablets in which the visitor must rearrange the frames of a comic to change the ending of the story.

Grapefruit Games---Rymd Capsule

The animation exhibition features short film works by innovative and experimental artists using different techniques and dealing with different themes. She also presents the exhibition “State of the art animation“ with animations from the collective Above ground animationone Showcase Tour with animations, videos and musical and artistic performances from around the world. Award-winning animations are also shown at the world’s major animation festivals, Japanese Media Art Festival, To be there! Corfu Animation Festival, SICAF, SIGGRAPH and ANIMA – Cordoba International Animation Festival.


This is the fifth edition of FILE GAMES RIO, an event organized by FILE – Electronic Language International Festival, the largest arts and technology festival in Latin America. The full program can be found on the exhibition website. Admission is free for all activities.

Source: FILE

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