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Find out now about the fifth edition of Overload on ZION Units!

Imagine having a whole day to have fun and enjoy the best of the game world! It would be every geek or geek enthusiast’s dream, right? Because ZION always fulfills this wish when it brings the overload to life.

Indeed, Overload is a diverse, complete, and full of activity. It’s ideal for those who want to immerse themselves in this incredible culture and explore myriad topics including virtual reality, games, and pop culture. The 2018 edition took place on July 29th in four ZION units: Alcântara, Caxias, Campo Grande and Madureira, all in Rio de Janeiro.

With hours of fun and attractions to suit all tastes, it drew more than 5,000 people of different styles and offered more than 20,000 prizes! To find out what happened during the event, read on and see how this year’s ÜberCharge went!

What were the main attractions?

Since it was already known that the audience would be quite diverse, consisting of people who understand everything about nerd culture and even play-loving children, all attractions were designed with this diversity in mind. And that ensured the satisfaction of all those present, because the overload admission rate was 100%.

Don’t believe Read on and understand the reasons! With a lot of entertainment, the event ensured lively hours and offered the following activities:

different tournaments

The most important games of the moment provided exciting clashes with many fans and adrenaline.

For lovers of the multiplayer arena version, the battle of League of Legends (LoL) has glazed all eyes. The dispute over FIFA 18 brought the big names in football to special teams.

The dispute over Injustice 2 was full of sweat and emotion, while the one for Just Dance 2018 cheered up many in attendance. For nostalgics, Dragon Ball Fight Z, Mortal Kombat XL and Street Fighter V brought the well-known games in revised versions.

All disputes could be followed closely by the audience, who chose their fans, cheered them on and encouraged the players. The coolest thing is that if you wanted to participate, you only had to register with the secretariat to act as an e-athlete.

Cosplayer competition

At a geek event, cosplay can’t be ignored, can you? Getting up close and personal with characters from games, comics, and movies is one of the most popular opportunities for those attending events as surprising as Overload.

ZION couldn’t help but bet on a competition that would reward the best costumes at the event. Who was most committed to creating the characters was highlighted, leaving visitors very impressed with so much talent! The winner of each unit took home R $ 500.00 and also won the title of Best Cosplay.

In addition, those present at the units were able to take photos with their favorite characters, chat with the cosplayers and, who knows, even prepare their own costume for the next edition!

Draw for gifts and awards

Throughout the day, ZION kept fantastic drawings in the four units. Giveaways on various topics were given out among the lucky ones and there were even cash prizes. Tournament winners, for example, won prizes between R $ 500 and R $ 2,000 in all units.

So many people were able to enjoy one of the best events of the geek scene in Rio de Janeiro and still go home with gifts and good memories in order to keep the overload in their memories for a long time.

And who was there?

It’s practically impossible to talk about current entertainment without mentioning Youtubers. For all tastes and ages, they attract a legion of fans wherever they go.

ZION knows that and Overload has brought on board some of the hottest Youtubers out there today. In the Alcântara unit, Daniel and Kwesny cheered the crowd, while in Caxias this mission was left to Alan Ribeiro. In Madureira and Campo Grande, Cézar Maracujá and Isaú Jr. provided some of the entertainment.

They told jokes and funny stories, gave straws from their stand-up comedy shows, and made all units great fun.

What was the structure of ZION like?

Overload was a complete success, largely because of the attractions and elements that were well planned to appeal to a wide audience. The modern and very high structure presented by ZION also contributed to the success of this fantastic achievement.

All units have been converted into functional rooms, with a wide movement environment and all the comforts available to visitors and participants.

To improve access to games, each school has created arenas with consoles of various types. Among the video games, the PS4 and Xbox were among the most sought-after, with some of the most important games in the current scenario being. It wasn’t hard to see hundreds of visitors switching between consoles, enjoying the sheer excitement of the games.

Racing disputes were one of the sensations of the event: cockpits were installed at the locations, which multiplied the adrenaline of the players. Not to mention there were several arcades that could be used. And do you think it’s over Well, you know that virtual reality glasses with games came in many styles too. It was possible to do more than just play, to live the gaming experience and enjoy all the emotions.

Why was Overload a success?

After so much activity and thousands of people going through the ZION units, it can be said that the overload was a great event. We also have RedBull as a partner and inspire visitors.

This very positive result shows above all ZION’s concern to position itself as the largest entertainment school in Brazil. The institution belongs to one of the fastest growing sectors in the national market. Therefore, he understands very well what the audience expects and manages to surprise.

The 2018 edition was very informal, democratic and, above all, brought good news and activities for everyone present. From the most interesting kinds of cosplay to the most coveted games of today, it allowed people to have a lot of fun on a Sunday with a lot of safety and excellent structure.

The presentation of such an event, which grows with each edition, is a great victory for the gamer and geek culture in Brazil. In the past you had to dream of achievements that could only be made abroad, today you can benefit from events like this one, which was organized and provided by ZION.

ZION once again offered an event at the highest level and at the level of its reputation. With a robust infrastructure, your students and other game fans can enjoy something so amazing and full of activities!

And you, did you stop by a ZION unit to honor Overload 2018? Or did you miss this joyful and exciting event? If you want to stay up to date on our news, courses and other events, like the Zion Facebook page and don’t miss a thing from now on!

Ollie Henson

Ollie Henson is an American writer at the Institut Cartogràfic de la Revolta website. Ollie shares the hobby of playing and following all of the video games and gaming news as well as dedicated and fully educated to be an outstanding writer.

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