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Find out what the esports market is like in Brazil!

eSports is gaining more and more attention. This modality consists of professional disputes that are fought in various games – including special events. As with other activities, the opportunity is serious: there are championships, qualifications, and cash prizes.

Globally it is forecast that the market will reach $ 900 billion Profit in 2018. The professional gamer sector has developed in Brazil. Brazil accounted for of the total throughput 1.5 billion issued, with 75.7 million players. It occupies the 13th place in the world.

To understand what’s next, see how the esports sphere is developing in Brazil and get a better understanding of this opportunity!

What are the industry figures?

The global development of electronic sports has manifested itself intensely in Brazil. In 2018, the audience for eSports in Brazil is getting bigger and jumping up 17.7 million. Of these, 9.9 are occasional and 7.8 are large supporters of electronic disputes.

The performance makes Brazil first in Latin America in terms of audience and third in the world – only behind China and the United States.

For 2021, a 16% growth. There will be 15.3 million occasional viewers and 12.6 million enthusiasts. Since only 47% of the population are aware of this possibility, there is a great chance for development.

Additionally, 13% of the total online population in Brazil watch videos with content related to eSports. Commitment therefore stands out in this segment.

What is the audience profile?

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Regarding the player who play the games and take part in competitions, there are some interesting features. In Brazil, 51% of internet users play on mobile phones and 38% on computers. For men, 50% play on their mobile phones and 44% on their PC.

Additionally, 83% spend on in-game items, while 38% of men and 35% of women buy enhancements.

Of the 75.7 million Brazilian players, 47 million (62%) play esports. As for viewers, 59% of the Brazilian online population consume content related to game videos. To top it off, 53% of the enthusiastic viewers are between 10 and 25 years old. 38% of them are women.

All of this shows that e-athletes, traditional gamers, and audiences all have different characteristics. Young men and women in particular enjoy the competitions and spend an average of $ 37.22 per year.

Which games are characterized by their team commitment?

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Among so many options, there are some games that are very prominent in the Brazilian esports market. In terms of viewers, League of Legends (LOL) is the champion with around 53% of people watching gamer content. CS: GO follows with 46% and Clash Royale completes the podium with 40%. The most viewed franchise is the game FIFA. After all, it couldn’t be any different in the land of football.

For players, CS: GO is the main e-athlete payout. Overall that is 7 greatest prizes it was about this game. The Dota 2 title is also in the spotlight, bringing Brazilian players to more than $ 400,000.

There are other popular names on Twitch as well. Fortnite, Hearthstone, Overwatch, and Rainbow Six received thousands of views.

These titles are attracting great interest because they have some of the most important esports players, are famous, and receive multiple investments. Flamengo, a club with one of the biggest fans in Brazil, has founded its own league in LoL. Vivo, in turn, renewed sponsorship for the Keyd Stars team, which is now named Vivo Keyd and stands out in the Clash Royale.

What can we expect from the future?

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In relation to the total online population, only 5.3% of Brazilians are esports enthusiasts. Since 53% of users do not yet know the existence of the modality, strong growth can be expected.

Another important point is increasing brand investments. In 2017, it handled $ 16.2 million. In 2018 the number rose to 21.2, which corresponds to an increase of 28.6%, for 2021 the total number promises to reach 40.2 million. As more brands invest in larger volume, new competitions and players can be expected to emerge.

There is also the introduction of new titles, for both mobile and PC. The market does not promise a slowdown – on the contrary. So there are more and more growth opportunities for the electronic sports sector in Brazil.

How can you get involved in this news?

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One of the best things about the esports segment in Brazil is that it can be incorporated into the sector in a number of ways. One of the easiest alternatives is to become part of the audience that is consuming this type of content. Watching broadcasts, attending events, and tracking e-athletes are basic ways to understand everything that is going on in this scenario.

For game enthusiasts with a lot of commitment, it is also possible to become an e-athlete. You can join leagues, compete, and build your way to the top. Know the importance of having enough skills and time to devote to yourself.

As with other celebrity players, joining the team of professional players can bring in hundreds or even thousands of reais. After all, for the skilled person, this is a full plate!

There is also a possibility that is not always said but is very beneficial: the production of games. Instead of playing or seeing them, how about creating the games yourself? Participating in the development, programming, and all stages is a great way to explore this market.

As the segment proves to be growing, there is an increasing trend in terms of opportunities in the industry. So a career could be the best way to unlock so much potential!

The esports market in Brazil is in full swing. In constant development, it is increasingly becoming a source of leisure and work for e-athletes.

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