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Great Latin American games

Who said only Japan and the US play good games? I have separated some games developed by people here in Latin America that a lot of people are not aware of because, in short, we tend to look more at the neighbor’s grass, right?

Chat and Jo

(Minority) / Canada-Colombia

chat with you

The game was not developed in Latin America, but the game’s creative director is Colombian. Released in 2012 to Playstation and window, The history of Chat and Jo is full of symbolism because there are some fragments from the life of the co-founder and creative director of minority, vander equestrian.

you are in the game chemicallywho runs away from home one day and finds monster, a rude and monstrous looking creature, but inside is very nice and affectionate. Well, almost always. The monster is addicted to poisonous frogs, but every time he eats them he turns into a violent animal and it’s up to Quico to come up with a solution to his friend’s addiction. In addition, the setting of the game is located in a favela and correctly reproduces the entire structure. In addition to the puzzles and challenges, you will find several elements of Brazilian culture. The game is available at Steam.

Heavy metal machines

(Hoplon) / Brazil

Heavy metal machines

Heavy metal machines, or HMM, is a battle car action game set in a post-apocalyptic world based on the classic racing games of the generation 16bit with soundtrack by heavy metal. Six players compete in two teams for life and death. NUKE and FUEL. You drive one of six cars and have to survive in an arena full of ramps, ravines and tracks in which each team has to carry a bomb to the enemy base. It is up to you to hunt down or flee your enemies. you are 10 characters and each has its own design and unique gameplay that allows for numerous combinations of attacks. You can be a support pilot, healing and protecting your team from enemies, or attacking, eliminating and pushing opponents to make them lose.

It’s pretty new, really. So much so that the site only has five characters available since it is still in beta. But if you’re dying to play, sign up for the beta version. The game is available at steam and has a channel on Youtube with fun.

The deadly tower of the monsters

(AceTeam) / Chile

The deadly tower of the monsters

Inspired by classic science fiction films with multiple references, the game follows the lives of three movie stars: Dick Starspeed, Scarlet Nova and Robots. The creators of the game want you to feel like you are one DVD of the movie really and as a bonus there are director comments Dan Smith. Your actions will be accompanied by his comments and let’s say he has a sense of humor. The film tells the story of the astronaut Dick Starspeed sent to a mysterious planet Recording. The companion robot disappeared and he decides to explore this new world full of hostile inhabitants and finally finds the beautiful New scarlet, Heiress to the tyrannical Emperor of Gravoria. Despite their fate, Scarlet helps Starspeed and Robot restore peace to the planet. The game is also available at steam.

Tiny little bastards

(Overlord Game Studio) / Brazil

Tiny little bastards

The game hasn’t been released yet, but it has already left people with high expectations. Developed by the company Overlord Game Studio, Tiny little bastards tells the story of three brothers Vikings the the tavern they worked at, by a horde of. had looted Goblins. Now they have to recover the stolen goods and save the world in a panic from a lack of beer. He is a Action RPG Platform in 2D for PC and find it at steam in 2017. The game follows the series of games with more than one possible ending, meaning your choices can range from a battle between brothers to larger conflicts like civil wars. The team is still raising funds. So if you have the good heart and money to contribute, click here.

Finn and Jake Epic Quest

(NGD Studios) / Argentina

Finn and JakeEpic Quest

In a 3D adventure time game fin and Jake must save beemo, who was kidnapped. You must save him and catch the diabolical mastermind behind the kidnapping. There are 28 levels from the Witch’s Garden to the Land of the Dead. The game can be a bit repetitive, but for anyone who is a fan of the series this is a recommendation to pass the time. The game is available at Steam.

Chroma squad

(See studios) / Brazil

Chroma squadIt’s a tactical game with energy ranger and a medium style old school of pixels. The story revolves around a group that wraps up their own TV show in the grand style of Japanese Sentai. You then become the manager and start hiring actors, buying cameras and blowing up everything with special effects. Everything changes when actors start thinking that everything is real and not just a show. this is that official page and the game is also available on steam.

Do you already know one of the titles mentioned? Do you know any other title? Tell us there in the comments.


Ollie Henson

Ollie Henson is an American writer at the Institut Cartogràfic de la Revolta website. Ollie shares the hobby of playing and following all of the video games and gaming news as well as dedicated and fully educated to be an outstanding writer.

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