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Meet the largest game producers in Brazil

The game market continues to grow. According to an article by TecMundo, a technology-related website, the games industry had sales of more than $ 120 billion in 2019 alone.

Given this positive scenario, it is not surprising that game makers are investing heavily in the production of new games as there is no shortage of market. By the way, do you know who are the largest game producers in Brazil? If the answer is negative, read on. Here we put together the most important ones!


Aquiris, based in Porto Alegre, has emerged as a reference company in the region on the Brazilian gaming scene. It has already won more than eight awards related to the gaming world.

Among the many games he has developed, one has made Aquiris what it is today. The name of the game that the brand highlighted is Horizon Chase Turbo.

Currently, the producer employs more than 80 professionals dedicated to creating games that can be fun for those who love a good game.

Wildlife studios

Wildlife Studios is a game company based in São Paulo. Today, just like the previous one, it is a reference game manufacturer in the region. Out of curiosity, Wildlife Studios was nicknamed “Unicórnio Brasileiro,” a term that alludes to the reputation it has gained in the gaming market.

The company currently has more than 2 million downloads of its games in a total of 115 countries. It was valued at more than $ 1.3 billion. The many games that Wildlife Studios has produced include Zooba and Tennis Clash.

Yupi Devshop

Another game maker that has excelled in this market is Yupi Studios, which are located in northeastern Brazil, specifically in João Pessoa, Paraíba.

The company has made several games that target both Android and iOS systems. Among the solutions already produced, we can highlight Vila Healthy, which is a game, that is, worldwide.

One difference to this company is that, in addition to gaming products for various target groups, it also develops business solutions.

Tapps games

Tapps Games is another game maker that stands out in the market. It is located in São Paulo and has produced more than 400 tracks that are played around the world. In addition, the games have been downloaded more than 700 million times just to get an idea of ​​how representative this company is in the game production market.

The many games he has produced include Bid Wars and MyBoo, both of which are available on platforms such as Android and iOS.

As you can see, there are excellent Brazilian companies that are dedicated to producing increasingly interesting and thought-provoking games that are capable of grabbing the attention of gamers all over the world.

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Ollie Henson

Ollie Henson is an American writer at the Institut Cartogràfic de la Revolta website. Ollie shares the hobby of playing and following all of the video games and gaming news as well as dedicated and fully educated to be an outstanding writer.

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