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Pro Player: young people who make money playing games!

Being a professional gamer is every young game lover’s dream and being able to make money off of it is no longer an illusion! Surely the days are over when parents complained about the endless hours their children spent in front of the computer without doing “nothing”, just playing.

The gaming world is certainly one of the most lucrative and whoever becomes a professional can only benefit from it! In addition to notorious successes around the world, the games are finally online … Young people are fighting for high cash prizes.

Stay with us and discover the universe where young people make money playing games.

Hours of dedication

If you think that being a professional gamer is all glamor and gaming all the time, you are completely mistaken. While it sounds simple, young people have a grueling routine of training and are torn between the screen and the real world.

The average daily training of a professional player is 10 hours per day. Hence, this devotion must be understood and supported by those outside of this universe.

“When I was younger and played games for hours, my parents used to take my computer away from me. They even broke it. But today they support me – they even prepare snacks for me when I train, ”confirms the Korean Ji Sung Choi, one of the celebrities from Team Revolution Gaming.

Games require a great deal of your physical and mental condition. That’s why you need quick thinking and a good physical condition to get closer to victory. A professional gamer needs to lead a healthy lifestyle, socialize off-screen, and organize their exercise routine.

worldwide success

In South Korea and much of the world, esports has increased dramatically among young people and adults. Therefore the competitions got bigger and bigger and reached events like the world championship.

As a conclusion to this great success, more and more new players are on the rise. And Brazil is the 4th country with the most players in the world, around 35 million, according to the survey by the website Zewzoo.

the game market

Players aren’t the only ones making money in this market. Electronic games involve other industries in their high profits, one of which is entertainment.

Hence, its growth opens doors to other professional areas in this market, such as streamers who make money promoting their games on the Twitch and Facebook Watch platforms. As well as the professional game developer who also joins this list.

Surprisingly, the LOL World Cup – League Of Legends – didn’t award the winners more than $ 03 million in 2018, it’s a lot of money!

Hence, eSport was respected and gained more fans around the world and also professionals who began to invest their time and skills in this new field.

The beginning of a professional gamer

When a gamer starts playing games, they see the opportunity to have the freedom to experience things that are impossible in the real world. Plus, it’s amazing to be able to create and destroy new things, be a hero or villain, travel to other times, and do other things! This universe not only enchants the player, but also influences his whole life.

And making a living playing video games is something that makes the digital age a reality!

At ZION you can not only develop yourself as a professional gamer, but also fight epic battles in our gaming arena with the best games of the moment and also become a pro gamer.

Discover our Z Games training and become a pro in this fastest growing area in the world!

Ollie Henson

Ollie Henson is an American writer at the Institut Cartogràfic de la Revolta website. Ollie shares the hobby of playing and following all of the video games and gaming news as well as dedicated and fully educated to be an outstanding writer.

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