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Twitch: discover the success that has taken the internet by storm!

When it was founded in 2005, Twitch TV with the name could not have imagined that it would be globally successful in just under a decade!

Later, in 2011, the service was terminated by Streaming changed its name and contrary to what many people still think, television has very little relationship with the famous social network with the similar name, Tweet.

Would you like to learn more about this platform? So have fun with this content that Blog Z has separated for you and have fun reading it!

What is Twitch?

First of all, Twitch TV, or simply Twitch, is a platform for live broadcasts on the Internet. By the way, this TV created by Justin Kan was born with the suggestion of being a page that people can shape their lives on, very similar to Show realities. But the idea really took off they were games has come!

The big difference to other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram is that the majority of the content comes from electronic games.

Since it is one of the largest game streaming platforms in the world, you can find it on the internet via the website and also on. access it Apps for download on Android and Iphone (IOS). In it you will find endless lives of channels for players who, by the way, are very famous and spend the day playing League of Legends (LOL), Fortnite, Free Fire Battlegrounds between others.

So the Amazon, bought Twitch in 2014 for no less than $ 970 million, which was equivalent to R $ 3.7 billion at the time. At the time, the platform had 55 million users and 15 billion minutes of content.

The broadcasts

We can find broadcasts in different ways within the platform. Not just players interacting with the audience that follows them during the game, which is the most common, but also having conversations between experts of a particular game.

It was with the transfer of the Twitch plays Pokemonthat we found a very different experience that brought more engagement with viewers on Twitch. The chat commands gave viewers the ability to control the game.

In 2013, Twitch had an average of 43 million views per month and in the following year it was already the fourth largest platform with the highest traffic peak in the USA, especially when it comes to eSports streaming.

Broadcast accessibility is one of Twitch’s greatest strengths, as your audience can watch it anytime, anywhere. This can be via mobile phone, computer, television, video games or any device on which the app can be installed.

beyond games

We know Twitch is well known for its game broadcasts, but today we find a lot more than just games on the platform.

Surprisingly, there are streamers from different segments who share their lives with cooking recipes, programming codes, designers and more.

However, the gaming world is and will remain the focus of Twitch for a long time. After all, it has not won the title of best eSports platform for nothing. Even with the emergence of Facebook games, for example the increasing competition.

Professionalization as a streamer

The interaction possibilities that Twitch streamers offer are innumerable, making it easier for the player to get professional and generate relevant content for their audience.

The remuneration of a professional player within the platform are large and range from donations from their viewers to sponsoring large companies. In addition, the professional can also through the subscriptions to subtitlewhich is a big career boost..

Be sure to comment!

Now that you’ve met Twitch and figured out how you can benefit from being a streamer, you’ve surely gone to see the lives, right?

So enjoy this access here! In it you can see some videos that are currently playing without having to register first. And let us know what you think of Twitch in the comments.

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Ollie Henson

Ollie Henson is an American writer at the Institut Cartogràfic de la Revolta website. Ollie shares the hobby of playing and following all of the video games and gaming news as well as dedicated and fully educated to be an outstanding writer.

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