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Women dominate the gamer market!

It’s not new that women are looking for equality in the marketplace. The demonstrations decades ago managed to change the scenario, but even so, the big game has not yet occurred.

Many women still suffer retaliation from men in the workplace and machismo prevails when the segment is dominated by them. At least it was!

In one of the most hostile environments – the gamer market – they are gaining traction. And even when they are prejudiced, they keep increasing in significant numbers.

Women still have a long way to go to achieve the same rights as men, but the fact that they are advancing makes them invincible.

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Player profile

Annually, Games Brazil Research (PGB) conducts numerous surveys focusing on the universe of games to find out how the segment is growing in the country. Therefore, the most recent data presented was collected in 2019 and it appears that of the 3,251 respondents – 53% represent the female gender.

That female presence in games has steadily grown in strength as PGB has seen significant growth in women in this market, particularly in esports, for the fourth year in a row.

“Women are not only gaining more space and recognition in the gaming industry, and much faster than they were years ago. It’s far from ideal and fair, but we’re on the right track, “says Guilherme Camargo, CEO of Sioux group – one of the companies that create PGB.

The market Player for women

The average Latin American market makes more than $ 130 billion a year. Certainly the growth of this industry offers many opportunities for all target groups, especially women.

No wonder that in the countless surveys carried out, women not only take control, but also develop the games.

For example we have the Rhianna Pratchet, as one of the main people responsible for changing the representation of the iconic Lara Croft. She was the one who made it start anew from 2013 and lets Lara leave her sensual side behind and become a self-confident character.

Women dominate the country’s electronic gaming environment and are looking for new games and, consequently, more powerful hardware that can provide a better user experience.

Although PGB found in its survey that 44.6% of gamers use computers, 46% Play on consoles and the vast majority, with 84% preferred Smartphone, Market estimates show that computer games will generate sales of $ 390 million by 2021.

Game developers have already recognized the advantages of working on well-produced PC games: They invest in this area without measuring effort, create unique experiences for players, with complex challenges and great variety within the titles – with or without multiplayer environments.

Change in corporate behavior

The game market has valued the participation of women, be it as game developers or in eSports. And companies in this target group are looking for strategies for product decisions and disclosures, among other things.

The female contribution to promoting gender equality in the gaming industry is another positive point in this market. As a strongly sexist segment, a female perspective should show that there is room for everyone in this industry and that we are stronger together.

For this reason, women increasingly occupy large positions in companies, since the impossible does not exist for them. They don’t want to compete, they want to be recognized for the great professional they are. And they can take on any role they want, be it creators, developers, streamer, or gamer.

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